Perman Love Pako Episode In Hindi - It Can Stick Almost Anything

Perman Love Pako Episode In Hindi - It Can Stick Almost Anything


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Perman Love Pako Episode In Hindi - It Can Stick Almost Anything (Perman In Hindi)

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"Birdman", gives a clumsy human boy, Mitsuo Suwa, three items to help him as Perman, Superman/Birdman's apprentice:

A helmet which multiplies the wearer's physical strength by 6600 and the ability for the wearer to have the power of omnilingualism by spinning the ear part of the helmet,

A cape that allows the wearer to fly at a speed of 119 km/h and run with great speed,

A badge which enables the wearer to communicate with other Permen and to breathe underwater and in space.

Mitsuo begins by rescuing people who are victims of crimes or disasters, so as Perman he is admired. He is, however, often troubled by his dual life as a both brilliant superhero and as an unrewarded ordinary boy. He wishes to abandon his role as Perman, but he continues to be Perman out of a desire to help people caught in disasters.

Soon, he meets other Permen and teams with them. The other Permen are:

Perman 2: A chimpanzee named Booby

Perman 3: A girl named Pako/Sumire Hoshino

Perman 4: A boy named Peryan/Hozen Oyama

Perman 5: A boy named Pabo/Koichi Yamada.

In the end of the original story, he achieves the status of Superman/Birdman and leaves to a planet for Supermen/ Birdmen to become a superhero team. This is when Pako reveals her identity only to him. Perman promises her that one day he'll come back, while Pako promises that she'll be waiting for him till then. It is unknown whether he comes back on Earth. This was never made a episode and In the TV series, he stays on earth his whole life.

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Character - Perman, Pako, Booby, Payan, Birdman, Koichi Yamada, Copy Robot, Mitsuo Suwa, Michiko Sawada, Sabu, Kabao, Haruzo Mie, Ganko, Teacher, Sumire Hoshino, Hozen Oyama.
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