रामायण काल में विज्ञान Science in the Ramayan period | Thanks Bharat, #DKC42


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Today our ancestors are called illiterate, miserable. When the world did not even know how to wear cloth then our science was at a higher level. All ordinary people used to have airplaces. In ancient India, science made a lot of progress. In this video, you will know how advanced science was in the Ramayana period 9 million years ago.
रामायण काल में विज्ञान Science in the Ramayan period | Thanks Bharat, #DKC42

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Disclaimer :-
The purpose of making this video of me is that all Indians, whether Hindu or Muslim, live together. By highlighting the wrong things in religion-society, hold the right things. I tell all the good & bad things of religion etc. to save the country from the riots. Yet for any legal action, it has to come in Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar.

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