UK: Garrote wire and fountain pen dagger - WWII British spy weapons go up for auction

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Secret Agent weapons and escape tools used during World War II were displayed, on Friday, ahead of their auction have seventy years after their use, in Ashford, Kent. C&T Auctioneer Mathew Tredwin gave details of the lethal weapons that will go under the hammer.

MI9 otherwise known as the British Directorate of Military Intelligence gave the weapons and tools to MI6's predecessor the Special Operations Executive. Amongst the items on sale are a lapel spike and dagger fountain pen used "by SOE agents as they fight themselves out of corners" and a key which was used to conceal cyanide suicide pill, according to Tredwin.

Tredwin stressed the danger of being a spy stating, "Adolf Hitler issued orders that commanders and any agents if they were caught they were to be executed almost immediately and the same with the British with German spies and Italian spies, you know, it was really life and death for these people."

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