Hungary: Orban considers option of detaining migrants in state of nation speech

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban opened the question of detaining migrants while their cases are pending, in his annual state of the nation speech, in Budapest, Friday.

SOT, Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister (Hungarian): "We have to face migration this year as well. Despite illegal migration being an unlovable problem and a terror threat, despite us seeing the bloody reality and horrifying facts, migrants can move freely across Europe until their case will be judged. The question of 2017 will be: should we detain them and hold them until their cases are judged."

SOT, Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister (Hungarian): "And in 2017 we have to face the increasing activity of international organisations. In 2017 in more and more countries, in Hungary as well - moreover the election is coming in 18' - there will be a problem that secretly and with foreign money they want to influence the national politics. I think we convince often enough that we are able to decide about our own fate. So the question is do we let the foreign attempt of influence be a success. We don't talk about civil organisations who want to help with important initiatives. We talk about international organisation's paid activists, and their offices in Hungary. Do we something in favour of transparency? We have to know that they are "large carnivores". It is George Soros' empire; with a lot of money and "international heavy artillery". But it is enough to let the activists of George Soros take the hundreds of thousands of migrants in Europe. They are working against the Hungarian Government."

SOT, Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister (Hungarian): "Brussels wants more and more economic rights from the countries. They call it: social pillars. There was an example when Brussels tried to stop the tax cuts of Hungary. The question is that do we want to hold the tax-politics in a national orbit? Is it possible to decide freely about the tax of nations?"

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